The Twilight water babies

Just like humans, something that can help dogs with physical injuries is physiotherapy and, in particular, hydrotherapy (or swimming). For a long time we yearned for a hydrotherapy pool for the dogs at Twilight. The nearest canine hydrotherapy pool is in Bordeaux, a round trip of over four hours, expensive in time and diesel. And a proper canine hydrotherapy pool costs at least €14,000. However, back in 2017 our dream became a reality.

Just by chance, we popped into the specialist pool supplier, Cash Piscines in Perigueux. The enthusiastic sales assistant was keen to help and mulled over the problem of adapting a human pool for dogs. Eventually he suggested an Intex (fabric) above-ground inflatable spa pool, with a circle of thick vinyl on the base to protect it from sharp claws. At €600 it was a done deal and the order was placed.

Over in virtual reality, Linda G and the fundraising team swung into action with a Facebook St Patrick’s Day Nala Noo and Friends Pool Appeal. With a sale of donated and handmade jewellery items and bags, the cost of the pool, pool chemicals and buoyancy aids was raised in a weekend. In fact, one generous benefactor covered the entire cost of the pool. The pool hoover and the first batch of chemicals were generously donated by Cash Piscines.

The pool has been in use year-round since then. Its winter location is Maddie’s Cabin or the covered terrace, where the dogs can dry off in the warm after their session. In summer, the dogs enjoy a view across the fields out on the raised decking. Whilst Nala is never too keen on getting her paws wet, little Dobbie loves swimming. He has his own special flotation suit and waterproof pants. He just can’t wait to get into the water. This summer many of the Twilight Puds have enjoyed taking a dip in the big pool to cool off during the heatwave.