C is for the cheeky chihuahuas

They might be the smallest breed of dog recognised by the Kennel Club, but little chihuahuas more than make up for their diminutive size with their big personalities. In fact, such was the impact of Twilight’s best known chihuahua Peggy Sue that it seems there’s always been one of these little princesses (or princes) at TW HQ bossing about the larger Puds. However, trawling back through our archives, we found that Twilight has only ever welcomed four of the tiny trouble makers, though Mike is still hoping for another sometime soon!

Current cuties: Appy & Norman

We’re not sure that little Appy is a pure breed, but with her long princess locks and starlet demeanour, plus her cutie pie nose she’s definitely a chihuahua cross! Joining Twilight last year at the age of nine, along with her mum Cannelle, she’s become a firm favourite of the Twilight supporters and is always ready for a cuddle from any visitor. Our other little chihuahua is dear little Norman. He joined the Pudding team in March 2017, weighing in at just 1.5 kg and around sixteen years old then. He’d had a tough life in his later years and arrived with a dodgy eye and gummy mouth. It wasn’t long before little Norm caught the eye of outreach mum Rowena, who has a special love for tinies. So, little Norman was off down the road to join the now sadly passed Scooby, plus Rowena’s two tinies Harry and Ollie.

Peggy Sue – the smallest, biggest grump

The most famous Twilight tiny must be little Peggy Sue, who made it into print in our biography Paws Before Bedtime. For a couple of years Peggy Sue ruled the roost at Twilight. She was the smallest, biggest grump, a feisty little madam who would leap across the room in one swoop if she didn’t like you! Peggy Sue arrived at Twilight in June 2014, following a fifteen-hour journey from Spain. Found dumped in a dustbin, the little tripod chihuahua wasn’t beaten by the amputation of her front right leg.

Peggy Sue caught many people’s eye and there was once a trial adoption, but Peggy Sue was returned home, after failing to settle (and terrorising the household). Volunteer Katharina, animal communicator and healer, had a very special connection with Peggy Sue:

“Twilight, for me, will always be Peggy Sue, even for many years into the future, I am sure. … For those who didn’t get to know her, Peggy Sue was a tiny whatever-ratier-chihuahua with three legs, and her favourite place was in the arms of Daddy Mike. She was so ill-tempered and defensive of her place that normally, when she went into her grumpy mode, Mike quickly covered her face with part of a blanket – so she didn’t have to see that misery … so many other dogs! Oh boy, she was a handful to have around all the time, but of course she was loved.”

In August 2016, Twilight had to say good night to their little tiger. The little girlie with attitude and character, who was just a mighty bundle of needy love. In her years at Twilight, Peggy Sue had delighted Mike and Leeanne, and although she could be grumpy, she grew to trust them, and knew they loved her deeply. Sadly, as her amputated leg muscle weakened, the pain became too much for her to bear, although she was determined, even Peggy Sue had to give in … she was ready to cross the Bridge.

Finally, not forgetting little Unic

This thirteen-year-old tiny naked Chihuahua, blind and deaf, was found trotting on the autoroute. His owner was contacted but sadly he was no longer wanted. So, he joined the land of Twilighters. Like all little ones, his personality and drive made up for his size. Within hours, he had mapped out the house and garden, chosen his favourite bed and befriended Dennis, as well as putting Stanley and Mozart in their places! Sadly we had to say night night to dear little Unic in April 2016.