We’ll get by with a little help from our friends

We’ve all been hunkered down safely at Twilight over the past seemingly endless weeks of the virus lockdown, but now that restrictions are starting to ease very slightly we’ve been able to welcome back some of our friends and supporters – with appropriate social distancing, of course. The list of jobs to be done was long, so as soon as the rules allowed we had a ‘Super Tuesday’!

Goodness what a morning it was at Twilight. We really cannot thank you everyone enough, and all with social distancing adherence! Anne on outside clean, Paul on strimming galore, Franc on a déchèterie run and everyone moving those old and now stinky settees! Rachael with not only delivered hay bales, but insisted on donating them for the alpacas and goats. Mary had helped to sort the mighty bric à brac the day before, which Paul will take to La Charrue for when we can have a sale. And, our amazing Jean and Bill brought goodies for the cat and dogs, so brave with all her cancer treatments. And we must mention the nurse and physio who came to home visit Mike. And this was all before midday!!! You were all amazing…. thank you xxx

As the weeks unfolded the help continued. Folks sorting and delivery of even more bric à brac to us or La Charrue. Special thanks to our friends at the Hope Association from whom we received a cheque to help with our vet costs. Over the lockdown, dear  Jeanette has sewn us 40 fabulous duvet beds – the puds love snuggling. Plus we’ve had dear Deb down in Puivert selling her cakes to raise funds, with local contactless collection. Organized by the wonderful Pauline at La Charrue, we all enjoyed Kenny’s virtual live show, too. We must also thank Vet Triston for giving his time to sort our medical cupboards, and all our vets for their care of the puds.

Over in our virtual Twilight world of Facebook, we thank Linda for her tireless fundraising, and just keeping folks’ spirits up with photos of the puds. We thank everyone who has kept donating or joined in fundraisers, especially our ‘felt lady’ Julie Pavitt Robinson who has offered us a monthly tiny pud to auction. We kicked off May with a mini Roo.  Thanks too to the wonderful Michelle who has sent us a new box of jewellery goodies to sell – these are already going like hot cakes.

Times are difficult for many rescue associations in France and worldwide, with the virus lockdowns, lack of funds and donations, and less opportunities for fundraising. At this time we remember our volunteer colleagues and assos with difficult situations. We are lucky at Twilight to have a loyal band of volunteers and supporters. As the Beatles sang, ‘We’ll get by with a little help from our friends’.