‘Appy Holidays

After over ten weeks of strict lockdown life, with over twenty puds to look after and without the stream of regular volunteers to help with the cleaning, gardening and routine maintenance, Mike and Leeanne were well-deserving of a break to recharge the batteries. Back in April, one of Twilight’s loyal supporters had the brilliant idea of donating a day or half-day’s dog sitting costs. The call went out on Facebook to raise funds to pay for sitters to come in as soon as lockdown allowed. Within 24 hours there were sufficient funds to  cover a fortnight! As one supporters said: “Leeanne and Mike fight on regardless of what life throws at them both, they deserve something Special at the end of all this.”

Gradually the country began to ease the very strict restrictions that had been imposed – dog-walking was only permitted within 1 km of the front door, and even then there was a form to fill in and sign! First, people were allowed to travel slightly further from home, and not just for essential shopping. This enabled some of the volunteers to return to their regular gardening, maintenance and general pudding-loving duties – all socially distanced, of course. A few weeks later, travel within the department was allowed and then up to 100km, so it was time to start thinking about that much-needed holiday.

Cue the arrival of two of the puds’ favourite dog sitters, Maylis and Nick: the super team. The photos below show just how much the puds love them.

Fortunately, Leeanne and Mike have a camping car (motorhome), so there’s no need to worry about hotels or sharing facilities; they’re completely self-contained. A safe, socially distanced break enjoying the tranquillity of the French countryside was the order of the day. But, it wouldn’t be a holiday without one of the puds to keep them company. Over the years there have been a few travelling puds; Dobbie and Bear even went to Lourdes. Who won the prize this time? Little ‘Appy. Her photos did show a little bit of apprehension at first, but she has soon settled down to life on the open road. Cuddles with daddy twenty-four seven and in the latest photos she’s made a new little campsite friend. They won’t want to come home!

So, enjoy your ‘Appy Holidays Leeanne and Mike and a massive thank you to Maylis and Nick for all their love and care of the puds (and getting some of those pesky jobs done!)