Going, going, gone: The Twilight Virtual Auction

What do you do when you can’t get together with your friends and supporters to celebrate the magic of Twilight and the wonderful Puds? You organise a virtual event, of course! Usually, at this time of year it’s the Twilight Open Day (or even days!), when folk travel for hours for the chance to cuddle their favourite Pud, enjoy a cake or two and browse the books and bric-a-brac. Sadly, this year there’s to be no open day due to the covid-19 virus but that didn’t stop our tremendous supporters rallying to raise a massive €1613, comparable to many real-life events.

All credit for the idea and organisation go to the wonderful Linda who looks after our Facebook page and groups. As Linda said, “The new normal isn’t as hands on as the old normal where we had open days and fetes and the Hope Weekend and more, so we need to adapt to different ways of fundraising in these changing times.” So, instead of the usual method of offering items ad hoc on the pages and groups, Linda organised a special auction or buy-it-now group, visible to all those interested who then joined in the fun.

The call went out to anyone who had something they would like to offer for auction and who was able to post or arrange delivery to the winning bidder or buy it now offer.In total there were 26 auction lots, ranging from jewellery supplied by the lovely Michelle of Grey Orchid Creations, two offers of personal paintings from Suzy Davies and Kathryn Boyes, cakes from Debbie at Twilight Puivert, and a selectin of gold and silver times donated by supporters. There were also some more unusual items which really attracted the bidders’ attention.

One of the three of the most popular lots was an offer from our wonderful volunteer Paul Phillips, who can often be seen at Twilight working very hard: man for hire, half a day within two hours of where he lives. This offer of odd jobs for three hours proved very popular. Not to be left out, they may have been on holiday and resting, Mummy Twilight and Daddy Twilight proposed to do a length of the pool swimming or a super step for each euro donated. One length for Leeanne; one real step for Mike. This lot raised a whopping €301!

Then, we had the chance to name the next Pud and the fun really began. Two special supporters started a friendly bidding war, sneaking fresh bids in to outdo each other through the night. There was tension right up to the last second, with the final bid coming in at just under €250. Little did we know that they had secretly agreed to share the cost and keep the bidding going because it was such fun. Of course, they will both get the chance to name a Pud!

After a great week, the auction came to an end, though everyone enjoyed it so much we’re all hoping Linda will have enough energy to put on another auction before too long. Here’s the last word from Leeanne:

Oh my … it’s drum roll time! It’s a wowzer of an auction in place of a possible open day this year. Thank you Linda for organising xx Here goes … 26 items (or actions) donated from amazing people. Coo, and thank you. Mike and I felt we couldn’t sit back, so on our quiet camp site and 25m amazing pool, and with flat grass for Mike to keep his rehab walking going you gave us encouragement and raised €301 — goodness. Then the naming of a new Pud, two of you went for it, and split your exciting bidding, to raise €250. 98 of you joined in in total, and are you ready, between you all you raised for the Puds an incredible €1613 — wow! However you joined in, we cannot thank you enough. You are all amazing and Twilight is deeply privileged to have your love and care. Thanks to you we have accepted an oldie deteriorating in our local SPA who will be joining us Thursday. Bless you all xxx