An extra special ‘thank you’ to our loyal supporters

The Hope Association

A huge and mighty thanks to Hope shop 16. Kate, Carol and Joel visited us at Twilight. It was so lovely to welcome you on your first trip to Twilight. Goodness, a settee, bedding, food and some new grooming tools. It was like Christmas. Not to mention the donuts you left us with, mmmm. Everything is so needed and welcome. Bless you for your care and all the volunteers you represented from the Hope Association.

Then, thank you to the Hope Shop 79. Beryl, a volunteer sent pennies for a donation, the shop sent €30 euros for sales of our tea towels, and the flower team sent love and a donation as they couldn’t make the Open Day. Bless you all for caring for our precious Twilight puds xxx

Our wonderful volunteers

Gosh, the days pass so quickly, but with such amazing friends you can look back and see so much achievement. Katarina and Celeste – how did that conservatory become so empty of all those books and ready for the last stage of work? Your hard efforts that is how. And de pooing too!

All the catering stuff post open weekend tidied away after our Open Day. We are now ready for Christmas. Liz, you are a tidying demon. Anne and Gloria, you are the groom dream team. We and the puds cannot thank you for that feel good feeling.

Wendy, you always add to your hours with extra for special pudding time, bless you so very much. And dear Steve, DIY his now middle name, a new tap, door and light fitting, and that was just before lunch, goodness. And the day is done, no! Dear Paul pops by for his weekly dechetterie run, and then the running of the mower over the tough bits.

We are more blessed than we could ever be. We thank you all. For your love of the puddings, your support of us, your unfailing care.

Thank you Paul & Callum

Next, it’s time to thank some very handsome workmen! And, not just handsome, but fabulous with the dogs, professional with their work, and an all around joy to have had about this last week. We met Paul and his son Callum through a mutual friend. New to the area and real, yes real, builders. Talented, thoughtful and especially caring to our needs. Their skills are many. They think out of the box, too, as Callum has rebuilt many new beautiful stone walls. Here our requests were fairly simple, but life changing for the puds. A step between the two wonderful ‘Chateaux Ladies’ verandas, so Nala and blind and less able could deal with more easily. Take the ramp out in the Orchid in-between room, so that wheels and less able could change to several small steps – less lethal for us all! Take the wooden verandas down the garden more, with small steps, allowing Nala, blind and less able to move around more freely. (This is so brilliant, it makes us cry several times a day for the difference it has made). And, put in a concrete base ready to tile, which is in the under cover and open area, now a nightmare to clean and a rough area for newly created leg stumps! Thank you both so much. Due to the variety of work we are not perfect looking just yet, but actions are more important and Braille, Bacchus, a newbie you haven’t met yet, and Nala are like new pups. It is amazingly life changing here – thank you.