A day in the life of Twilight: the vet’s visit

Leeanne recently reflected on a normal Tuesday at Twilight, or perhaps, let’s hope, given how exhausting it all sounds, not too frequent a day.

I woke naturally, not that normal, as the Puds are quite keen for an early start. Just after 7am. I lay for but seconds before dear Braille started the call. Quick dress, early morning showers are a thing of the past, and put to open the doors. Well, a poo or four and several wee’s are the norm, but this morning the ‘pile’ was ,shall we say, significant. You can never really tell why. No worries, operation poo lift and wee mop, then a satisfying wee for me! My glass of water and pills and then Puds’ feed time. Tinkers had the bark in them this morning. I know the full moon looms and, by jove, no doubt this morn.

Full clean, with bits of admin betwix. Always a good three or four hours. Very satisfying and the recycle bin men come today … I find it quite a thrill! (That’s lockdown for you). Mike not so good today. Nurse has been but he can’t get up, so a small bite of lunch alone and Pud chats. Then it’s time to prep for the vet. Eleven puds on the list and the alpacas to discuss. The alpaca boys have done so well, but their testosterone is getting the better of them downwind from neighbouring girls, so they need to be done. Their fighting squeal is upsetting them and the Puds, not to mention what the neighbours think we are up to!

The vet arrives. It’s dear Tristan, his last visit before he transfers back to his home town – we shall miss him. Bert, his chronic ear condition is as stable as it is going to be but a change of cleaner might help. Manu, well, his chronic ears are really grim and it is like a titanic situation, but also his stomach tumour may well have the better of him. Urgent ultrasound in the morning. Hero, and that he is. Our young vet was shocked, never seen such a thin dog still alive he said, bless him. Changing ear treatment and antibiotics. Rock, looks like our handsome lad is allergic to something. Could be food or an external. Antibiotics and food change … we will see. Roo, mmm, his black and blood red poo and jelly suggest sensitive food needs, this the vet confirmed, will collect a bag tomorrow. Mélodie, her urine shows a high sugar level so bloods need testing tomorrow morning at the vets. Might just be the stress of losing her mum.

Little Cannelle, her cataracts are now complete, so sight is now light only. Too old to be sterilised as we know, but antibiotics for her uterus bleeding. (PLEASE STERILISE YOUR BABIES OR YOU SUBJECT THEM TO THIS!) Agneta, well, we needed good news and the super girly has responded to Mummy’s teeth cleaning and dentasticks – she Does NOT have to go under for a teeth clean. A little gingivitis now, that is all. Whoop! Appy, sadly this is a bit urgent, her regular bleeding and mini season means her uterus is rotting; no delay – operation 9am tomorrow morning. I think the dear vet would have done it there and then if he could.

Darling Vicky

And then the very saddest. Darling Vicky. She came from Mornac recall, blind and deaf. Sadly, her heart was so weak, her very existence was her own effort. Today in the sun, she took her last breath in mum’s arms. She needed a little vet help, but she had given all she had. She is the very breath of why Twilight is here, bless you dear treasure. Once you have rested well, run free in that field of the sky, no pain m’y little love. Vet leaves; Mike wakes. A feed for us all. Off to bed now … love you all puds xxx