Introducing Steffi, our new supergirl

Well, we have a new girlie on the block. This was entirely Leeanne’s wish … why? She is another full paraplegic. Many moons ago, Twilight was contacted by a lady Marylin, from Fureys Furry friends. She asked: would we consider an Egyptian paraplegic. Sadly, we had to say no, as it was not the right time However, she was gently persistent and eventually the time was right to welcome another handicapable dog into the Twilight fold.

Dear Steffi, named by our auction winners, flew from Cairo to Paris CDG airport and started her road journey home. Thank you James of FFF. She is our fifth paraplegic and, to be honest, in the worst state we have received. She has come through Miracles Mission. And boy, is her new life a miracle for her.

From a street dog, to huge number in a refuge dog, to selected dog, to many hours on a plane dog, to a new life dog. Her back broken, likely by kicking, or could have been a car side on, two-thirds of it is dead. Her legs, so swollen from multiple infections and necrosis. She is going to need some love for a short time before her legs are likely taken off. And a hip wound that could be the bone infected, as so deep, or could be a gunshot wound.

We did a rare thing, and went straight to vet before even coming home. Little to do at present, the vet has looked. We wait. Let her rest. She needs time to settle; 36 hours before she was still in the air. Antibiotics. Pain killers. Keep open wounds clean, cover legs and hope she isn’t a tinker and eats the dressings! Maybe she needs wheels; if so, MM will buy these, just as they generously paid her fare.

Within an hour of her arrival, after a wash, and she is already home! Making friends with all the Puddings, and the next day, just a huge smile on her face. We’ll see what the next few days unravel. Says Leeanne, “My heart is lost. We all have our thing, mine is oldies and disabled.” Welcome home, Steffi.

If you would like to help Steffi, with sponsorship or a one-off donation, please check out our “How to Help” page or join us on Facebook, where Steffi and her new friends Rock and Roo have their own handicapable dogs’ page.