Welcome Lemon – the latest Twilight Pudding

Now a very special introduction … We have us a Lemon! This darling 13 year old lady was found abandoned, as so many. She is blind but for peripheral light, and deaf. SPA Bergerac knew kennelled life was no place for this delicate setter breed, so through the wonderful Sally, we are pleased so say this precious lady has joined Maison Twilight.



Already she has settled in just 48 hours. Moving from the safe zone of a bed hidden between washing machines, to a soft bed and now wandering the garden with her new family. She is on painkillers for her arthritis, and we will monitor her needs particularly closely in these early days.

You are a bundle of joy my little one, and Lemon is the name the spa gave you, we shall keep.
Take your time special girlie – you are home now. Xxx

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