The wanderers return …

A couple of weeks ago we posted about Appy’s happy hols and the much-needed break Mike and Leeanne were enjoying in their motorhome. Well, what a fabulous time they all had. Appy quickly adapted to life on the open road and became a campsite princess. Most dogs love camping and the chance to spend 24/7 with their hoomans, often sleeping on the bed, too; Appy was no exception – just look at that little face in the rucksack!

TW HQ was left in the capable hands of Maylis and Nick, and the FB fans were treated wonderful photos of the Puds enjoying their company. Take a look at the collage below! Nick is a talented musician and often serenaded the Puds with some of his own compositions. He’s got a YouTube channel too – check it out here.

Meanwhile, for the travelling team, Twilight was never far from their minds. In fact, Mike and Leeanne enjoyed the chance to catch up with some friends and supporters whilst on the road (all socially distanced, of course). Back home once again at TW HQ, Mike and Leeanne are refreshed and ready for action once again. Here’s a few words from Leeanne about their recent adventure.

Hoomeeee XX Well, isn’t life just the best when you have the most amazing holiday, AND then amazing home and the homecoming to greet you. During lock down many of you felt for us, home alone with no volunteers. Dear friend and volunteer Katharina asked you to consider helping us to have a break afterwards, covering sitters costs. Well, very, very thank you to Katharina for the idea, and for so many of you who joined in.

So we have been just two hours away in a couple of fabulous campsites. Very few people, socially distancing and fantastic swimming pool. We have had rare entirely ‘us’ time, which allowed me to rest and Mike to rehabilitate. We met up with the wonderful Linda G who is our mighty FB star, Katharina popped down to see us, and we signed off with Spencer for his birthday.

Maylis and Nick, we can never thank you enough for the love and care you have given the puddings. You are two exceptional human beings. Thank you all, so very very deeply.