The Hope Booksale ~ thank you!

We can measure that dates in our year by the coming around of the great Hope Booksale weekends.
Thank you Hope for inviting Twilight, amongst many associations, to join your Booksale jamboree. This year a whole new set up, as you use your new shop in Sauzé-Vaussais, 79.

My jolly goodness. All the Hope volunteer team are to be congratulated, what a wonderful job you have done to create such a fantastic shop. Fitting the big Booksale in, with food vans, tents, artisans and all the wonderful plants was going to be some mission, but you achieved.
First big rain I remember in years but we didn’t care, nor did the supporters. Chris Kern sang brilliantly, and we couldn’t help ourselves and our dancing shoes.

En Routes dog show, incredible cakes, dogs being rehomed by many and sharing our Tent with Orfee, it is a wonder to see so many little faces leave with new mums and dads. You came and chatted and hugged, some sadly without your partners this year – life moving us all on.
So many to thank, Deb and Bryan, Mary and Royston for helping Twilight set up and put down. Dear Steve for carrying our Lulu across each day, and looking after us, especially our delicate Mike. Pois Chic for your curry donations, Orfee for the food donations, all of you for your buying our new T-shirt or donating your brown stuff.

But the biggest thank you for this incredible weekend is to each and every Hope volunteer. For your incredible energy for making life changes for animals. We thank you from all the puds for your supporting cheque, which goes most of the way to covering our vet bills. You should all be very proud with what you have achieved.

Thank you xxx