Teaming!! Who wants to join Team Twilight?

Oh, la, la! Where does the time go to? It seems only yesterday that we were celebrating our sixteenth anniversary in June and now here we are at the end of October, the clocks go back at the weekend and it’s only ten weeks to Christmas! What have we been doing? Well, our pack of adorable Puddings continues to expand, currently totalling 29 “in the house” and another 23 in Twilight Outreach. We’ve been busy, busy, busy. There is a never-ending stream of old, sick and disabled dogs needing help. Sometimes it might seem that our efforts are but a drop in the ocean, but as that well-known quote says, you might not be able to save all the dogs, but for the ones that you do save it means that world.

Can you help us? Join our Team

We have lots of news for you and hopefully we will get back on track with some more blog posts before the end of the year. But first, we’ve got some great news about a new fundraising initiative: Teaming. We have joined Teaming and started our own group. The Teaming concept is that group members donate just €1 a month to their chosen group(s). The more teamers that join, the more funds we can raise. What can you buy with €1 today? It probably won’t even stretch to a cup of coffee or a tin of Pedigree chum, but if we all club together then, as the famous strap line says “Every little helps” so do consider joining our Teaming group today, you’ll be very welcome.