Oh, my little paws! Meet Edith. This little princess is likely a lab/beauceron cross, and was one of the pupplings dumped at Mornac SPA. Whilst all her siblings have been raised beautifully by auntie Verity, sadly this little lady had some problems. Due to leaving Mum too early and clearly being left, a lack of calcium caused her front legs to bow, becoming more apparent when fatigued. Of course, as a four-month-old pup, she wanted to be a puppy, but she had an undiagnosed heart condition and lungs so inflamed that her little heart cannot be seen on the scanner. So, this little puddingette needed a bit of tlc. After vet care and support, generously funded by Hope Edith went on to make a good recovery. It wasn’t long before little Edith was drawn to someone’s heart where she will have a home for the rest of her life.