Braille cam to Twilight a puppy and a very special one, too. Wait, you say – I thought Twilight was just for old dogs. Yes, most of the dogs at Twilight are in their senior years, but we also welcome and care for chronically, terminally ill and disabled dogs. Little Braille is a female pointer pup, just 38 days old when she came to Twilight. She was born without eyes, just empty sockets, so she will always be blind, but many of our dogs are blind and, in our experience, this never stops them from enjoying life to the full. Little Braille was taken to be euthanised by her breeder, but the vet knew that there was somewhere special that could help Braille to enjoy a normal life: enter Twilight. Everyone has fallen in love – human and canine alike. Nala has adopted her a Mummy and Uncle Dobbie is always ready to play.