Our brave boy Lord – our very own bionic man

Dear Lord, one of our Ukrainian Puds, was only four when he arrived. He had a disfigured front right leg and paw, most likely due to being run over, and an open wound. Our fabulous vets at Chalus amputated his paw due to severe and chronic infection. Whilst this took his pain away, the lower limb wouldn’t fully heal, and so they recommended a referral to Clinique Sirius in Limoges.

Lord had the scans that showed he would be a good candidate for a prosthesis. So, at the beginning of January 2024, and with France 3 filming (yes, we were on the TV!!!), our boy had his major surgery. He remained at the Clinique for a couple of weeks for the main healing process and surgical conditions for changing his dressings. This was all possible thanks to Hope Association, to which we shall be forever grateful to them for their care and support.

Once Lordie was allowed back home, he was back to his usual antics: running, digging and enjoying life. Unfortunately, he developed a rather nasty abscess just above the final cut line on the top of his leg. He had antibiotics and daily dressing changes, but still remains in a bit of pain for which he has treatment, and he is being closely monitored by our vets. We hope that all will continue to improve with time.

For anyone wondering why he is still in his hat in his photos? Well, he is a little tinker if we take it off. We tried an inflatable blue neck collar, but it soon got a puncture, so our lad stays in his halo for now. Of course, Lord just wants to run like the wind now (check out his videos on our Facebook page), and be the active doggie he deserves to be. This means he does get into a few scrapes, and last week the little tinker lost his rubber foot in the garden. Umpteen attempts searching the grass, but we couldn’t find it! Never mind. Thank you to the Internet we have purchased a new one and spare!

Thank you Association Hope for allowing this to happen with your generosity of funding. Lord was an ideal candidate to try such surgery. Young and otherwise healthy. Once he is fully healed, he should have a full and active life and arthritis of that right shoulder and associated pain will be avoided. Thank you everyone involved in this fabulous positive impact on Lord’s life xxx