More yums, yums in our tums

Last week we posted all about the Puds’ Food Glorious Food. This really struck a chord with our supporters and many of you asked for more details about what we feed the Puds on a daily basis, how much their food costs and what were the Puds’ favourite brands. So, we asked Leeanne to provide us with a few more details and, of course, some more lovely photos of our furry friends enjoying their grub.

Feeding can actually be a bit complex when you have so many mouths. Being a rescue Twilight are grateful for whatever comes in. Although in the early days we tried to stick to one brand we soon realised that we couldn’t afford that luxury. And, dogs being dogs, they get bored! So, we mix and match and do the best we can, and our Puds’ tummies show we do pretty well. There are brands from experience that really do not suit certain tums, and sometimes you find you really do need to follow the guidelines and be more specific.

Our diabetic girlie can eat anything, it is her insulin that is important. But, a 1kg for 1€ croquette isn’t ideal, a diabetic special at 1kg for 5€ is better. This same expense can be carried over to those we put on sensitive/digestive croquettes (currently Roo), or joint mobility food (if we could afford it, this would be for many), and light biscuits (this was always Nala’s). Much of the dried food we have is two to three euros per kilo and we often mix to get the best concoction we can. The Puds love Fido – this is like their McDonalds! and they also love Friskies, James Wellbeloved, and Pedigree. Hills and Royal Canine do fabulous smaller croquettes, which we love for small or no teeth!

Now, wet food has been a real bonus over the years as folks have been more generous. Again, we take what we are given. But Senior Pedigree at just under €1 for a 400g tin is our go-to. We use 8 tins on 24 dogs per breakfast, although Hero, as an example, will now have three tins with croquettes per day to build him up. Less expensive and good for us is Lukullus. We usually stock up from Zooplus. Prices are fair, but also it is delivered to the door and this is worth its weight in gold.

And, what about special yums to feed the sick, undernourished or a treat? Well, salmon, trout, rice, cheese, ham and chicken, not to mention mum’s scrambled egg with honey – all these can really help. As an example, little Roo on trout and rice works out about 80 centimes a meal, while Agneta would come in at three euros a meal on this diet. As you can see, there is a wide variation in the cost of the Puds’ meals, depending on their age and state of health.

This week the Puds are lucky to have Aunty Debbie staying and enjoyed a special round of treats to celebrate, as you can see in these photos. If you’d like to buy a Pud a Breakfast, check out our Facebook Fundraising Group where we are running a special Kindness and Caring campaign to help feed the dogs during these difficult times.

Thank you for caring