Dear Agneta, now running free with the angels

We love all our Puds, but sometimes a special Pud touches many hearts, and so it was with dear Agneta. In these difficult times of the covid pandemic, with its lockdowns, curfews and border closures, cross-country rescue has become a tricky task. So, it was, thanks to lockdown easing, that dear Agneta could join the Twilight Pudding Pack in May 2020. Our Agnes. This 50-odd kilos of hairy love arrived as an old girl of ten plus. She had been found, in Spain, wandering alone several years ago. Since then she had been in a loving refuge, which suffered greatly from the floods over the previous winter months. Agneta’s plight, and that of her refuge, came to the attention of our dear Linda, who ‘chose’ her adoption into the Twilight fold as a special birthday present.

Agneta’s long journey from Spain took over 48 hours, and the last leg was completed by our Paul, complete with his PPE! All travel costs and expenses were generously covered by her birthday mum, Linda. After her first night, she ate well and fulfilled her thirst. Initially she was a little unsure of us all, understandably, but she met us all in turn and slept well. We felt her gentle energy and were sure she would become a central heart of pudding land, as indeed proved to be the case.

After only a few days, the difference in her gentle face was evident. She was smiling. At first Agneta was shy because everything was so new to her, but she soon settled and began enjoying the garden and her new friends. It was not long before Agneta’s fan club grew, and she gained many supporters who generously donated towards her not unsubstantial food bill, bought her a lovely new large bed and sent presents of tempting salmon treats. Sadly, after less than a year living the happy life at Twilight, dear Agneta left us, suddenly and unexpectedly, to take her wings over the rainbow bridge.

Leeanne writes in her memory:

Our huge darling Agneta, who cuddled the vet only last Thursday, and he smiled at how well she had come on, and couldn’t believe how a Spanish Mastin could have settled so well. Such ironies. Then, Mike and I have to leave the puds for a few days, as I have dental surgery. I always cuddle puds when we will be away, you never know and I miss them so, even though breaks are needed. The same Sunday, Agneta cuddled one of her loving sponsors, Val. All seemed normal, all seemed calm. We left in the eve, pre curfew, to settle ready for the only trauma to be dental.

But mid-morning, Maylis and Nick, our wonderful sitters messaged. It was clear Agneta was sick, from nowhere. We sorted emergency injections and vet advice, and a veterinarian appointment was made for early afternoon. The injection had only done half its job, not the sign I wanted. Bloods and echo showed her heart. But she was calmer. Sadly, dear friends, in her bed later that day, and in dignity and with love and her canine friends around her, she passed. It is, of course, a shock. But thank goodness it was a short-lived discomfort for her. Had she waited for us to leave? They do say it is often the case.

I can only praise Maylis for her depth of care, speed and maturity for how she has dealt with today, and Nick for his compassion. For them both, for the burial ground and send off they gave her in the memory garden. I am also deeply sorry for our Linda, who chose Agneta as her last birthday gift. Rescued from a grim environment in Spain.  I hope the lasting memory will be of the love Agneta has had, tummy full of salmon, silly playing, her evening chats with the stars … her life here at Twilight.

We have been honoured to get to know you Aggy, such huge paws, and such a huge loving heart. We will miss you precious friend xxxx Run free as you did around the garden in the morning. Xxx