Agneta joins the A team

It’s time to meet someone special! Back in the old days of normal times, before the virus became the watch-word of the day and we all stayed home in lockdown, it was Our Linda’s special birthday. You’ll recall that the wonderful Linda looks after our Facebook pages and groups, and a mighty fine job she does, too. Mike and Leeanne agreed the pressie they would like to offer her was a new pudding, of her choice, here at Twilight (subject to the usual criteria).

Mike presumed she would find his favourite Chihuahua, whereas Leeanne thought more Border Collie. We all know Linda has a special place in her heart for border collies, check out our B is for Border Patrol blog post. Well, it turns out that her second life-long favourite pud is a Spanish Mastin — who knew! Bless her huge and donkey-size beautiful heart!

The Spanish Mastin, or Mastiff is a giant dog, bred to guard sheep flocks in the northern regions of Spain. These huge, hairy puds can grow up to 70 to 85 centimetres tall and weigh in at over 50 kilos. They are loyal working dogs, with a natural instinct to protect. However, like many other breeds, cruelty and abandonment is rife in rural areas and thousands are discarded when their working lives or usefulness comes to an end.

So, it is time, thanks to lock down easing, to introduce Agneta. Our Agnes. This 50-odd kilos of hairy love is an old girl of ten plus, who was found wandering alone several years ago. Since then she has been in a loving refuge, which has suffered greatly from the floods. Her long journey from Spain took over 48 hours, and the last leg was completed by our Paul, complete with his PPE! All travel costs and expenses were generously covered by her birthday mum, Linda. Thank you xx

After her first night, she ate well and fulfilled her thirst. A little unsure of us all, understandably, but she met us all in turn and slept well. Leeanne says, “I am told she snores, but I didn’t hear her over Mike!” So, very welcome beautiful grandma. We feel her gentle energy already and are sure she is going to become a central heart of pudding land. After only a few days, the difference in her gentle face is evident, she’s smiling. Still shy because everything is so new to her, but enjoying the garden and her new friends.