Will you be the Twilight Puds’ Secret Santa?

With less than a month to go until Father Christmas calls at Twilight, the Puds have been busy writing their Christmas letters to Santa. Maybe you can be a “Secret Santa” and send a present to your favourite Pud? All presents and donations gratefully received with love and licks from the Puds


Dear Santa, I know that I have only just arrived at Twilight, so perhaps I’m a bit cheeky getting in first with my Wish List. As Mummy explained when she introduced me, I am a disabled little boy (we like to call it “handicapable”) and there are a few medical products that I need daily. If you were able to send us any of these, it would really help Mummy Twilight to look after me and enable me to live my very bestest life at Twilight with all my new friends.

I have put four things on my list: Hypofix 10 cm tape; Medvance 10 cm silicone foam; Mepilex 10 x 10 border lite sticky pads; MEDca gauze bandage assortment. If you’d like to buy me any of these, they can be ordered from Amazon and sent to me at Twilight. Love Eric


Dear Santa, I am a diabetic and so well-cared for at Twilight with my insulin and special food. But, just sometimes, especially if the others are having treats, I like to be included and I love these Jumbones! Mum says that they are not bad for my condition, and it takes me ages to chew them. I feel very special when I have one of my Jumbones.

If you’d like to buy me some Jumbones, they can be ordered from Amazon or Zooplus, or just pick up a packet (or two) when you go shopping and pop them in an envelope. Just make sure you put my name “Hatton” on the label when you post it, he, he!

Jessica, Elena, Roo and Gremlin

Dear Santa, it might sound strange to ask for floor cleaner for our Christmas present, but we would really like to help Mummy as she looks after us so well. We know that this one is fantastic. As we are all so close to the floor as paraplegics it keeps us clean and hygienic and helps us avoid infections. We are living the very best of lives at Twilight, and if we can do something to help Mummy we would be really happy. You can order some Ecover from Amazon and have it sent direct to mummy … our address is on the contact page. Thank you,

Love Jessica, Elena, Roo and Gremlin xxxx 

Everyone….the top gift 🎁 The Zoomalia  waterproof faux leather bed

Dear Santa, over the past few years our lovely supporters have bought us some fantastic waterproof beds. We love sleeping in them, they keep us off the ground, our old or disabled bones comfortable and they are waterproof for our little accidents. This means they’re easy for Mum to clean and we can use them over and over again. Without these beds we really are only half comfy and suffer more with our arthritis. Sadly the beds we have always bought are now no longer available. However, Mum has tracked down some beds that are virtually identical on the Zooplus website. We know that they are expensive, but if you were able to buy us one as a special present that really would make it Christmas for us Puds 🎄

Love and licks the Puds xxx


Dear Santa, as you know I am one of the longest-serving Puds in the pack at Twilight. But, I’m getting on in years and suffering with some arthritis. There are many supplements on the market, but Yumove has proven to be the one that helps me the most. My stiff old legs are able to keep going with this extra help, and when mummy lifts me from my night sleep I’m clearly more comfortable with this extra care. Of course, a lot of my older Pud friends would also benefit from some Yumove supplements in their dinner, and being a kindly soul, I am happy to share. You can buy Yumove on both Amazon and Zooplus Love Taffy xxx


Dear Santa, my name is Madge and I am one of the quieter Puds. I love living at Twilight and I try to be a good girl. Mummy says I am a little bit fussy because I don’t really like the dentasticks that most of the other Puds love. When we are having our treats what I really love are chicken filets. They are an amazing treat. All my Pud friends love them too, and when they’re dished out even Puds in deep slumber raise their noses. Daddy has to watch out to keep all his fingers! These chicken filets are a  great source of protein and very jolly yummy as we don’t get them often.

If you’d like to buy some me Chicken Filets, you can order them from Amazon or Zooplus for delivery to Twilight.


Dear Santa, I  know I am overweight, but I am also full of tumours as well as having the grimmest mouth that needs a tooth removed. Sadly, I am not strong enough just now to have an anaesthetic so my dental treatment will have to wait. However, I do love a dentastick. They help me and my teeth a lot and I love the treat, it makes me feel very special. I’m not allowed treats very often so some dentasticks for Christmas would be a lovely present. Love Donna xxx

If you’d like to buy some me Dentasticks , you can order them from Amazon or Zooplus for delivery to Twilight, I might even share them with the other Puds!

We ALL love Pedigree Chum

Dear Santa, us Puds do like our grub! Mummy once worked out that we eat more than 350kg of food a month, and as you can imagine, us big dogs get through the most grub! For us Puds who are lucky not to have delicate tums or special health needs, our favourite staple wet food is Pedigree Chum meat – we eat any flavour! Mum adds it to our croquettes, and sometimes she even brews up a special gruel in the slow cooker to make our dinners even more appetising. We get through lots of tins of Pedigree chum every month, so if you’d like to buy us some tins of Chum, you can order them from Amazon or Zooplus for delivery to Twilight, thank you xxx.

BUT some of us need Royal Canin Special diets

Dear Santa, all the Twilight Puds are special and some of us need to have special food to help us with our medical conditions. Mummy likes to give us Royal Canin dietary food suited to our needs as this really helps our delicate little digestive systems. If we have some tins of Royal Canin Intestinal in the cupboard Mum will add this to the lovely gruel that she brews up in the slow cooker. Yum. Mum also likes to feed me, Roo, the littlest Pud Royal Canin digestif and my friend Hatten, who is diabetic, royal Canin Diabetes.

If you’d like to buy us some tins of Royal Canin Special Diet food, you can order them from Amazon or Zooplus for delivery to Twilight. Love Roo xxx

Cleaning products – to help our special aunties

Dear Santa, you might wonder why we are adding some cleaning products to our Christmas Wish List. Although we can get up to some naughty japes, we do try to be good. We would really like to help Mummy, Auntie Anne and Auntie Wendy with their cleaning. Every day they clean up after us, so to say thank you we’d like them to have their very favourite cleaning products. These jobs are always easier with the right tools! So, we have had a good look round the house and made a note of the current favourites: Fairy Washing-up Liquid, Skips Washing tablets (we need a lot of those, as Mummy is doing washing every day!), big bin bags and kitchen paper. If you’d like to buy us some any of these cleaning products, you can order them from Amazon for delivery to Twilight.

Treats, treats, treats

Dear Santa, we all love treats, and most of us will eat any type of treat! So, while Hatten, Madge and Donna have put their favourites on the list, the rest of us thought we’d give you a few hints about what other treats the Puds like to eat. There really is nothing like what Mummy calls “treat tea” – this is when we have lots of treats for tea, often from Daddy or one of our lovely visitors. You could send us anything, we’d probably eat it! However, some of our favourites are Whimsees, pigs’ ears, chewie rolls and Biscrox. If you’d like to buy us some treats, you can order them from Amazon or Zooplus for delivery to Twilight.

Thank you for reading our Christmas Wish List right to the end. Love and licks all the Puds