The Twilight 2022 Calendar – our gift to you

The launch of the Twilight Calendar has become an annual event, and in the past we have sold as many as 400 printed calendars to raise funds. However, in recent years with more ‘competition’ from other animal welfare associations the order numbers have fallen to make the production of a printed calendar uneconomic. In addition, we have the added complication that many of our supporters are in the UK and posting anything bigger than a letter or card carries the extra burden of customs paperwork, and the risk of extra charges for the recipients. So, this year year we have decided to do something a little different!

Following a poll on our social media channels to gauge the level of interest in a 2022 calendar, one of our supporters came up with the brilliant idea of a ‘virtual calendar’. This option gained the most votes, and so here it is! We have designed the Twilight 2022 Calendar as a downloadable PDF, and it is completely free! Yes, you can download as many times as you want, send the link to your friends, and even print it out yourself at home. This is our gift to you, although we would love for you to make a donation to help the Twilight Puds.

Download your Twilight 2022 calendar now by clicking the download button below