The fabulous Fifi joins Team Twilight

Since Twilight has become established and its reputation spread, the phone calls and the emails never stop. In 2015, Leeanne recorded that Twilight was averaging ten requests per week for new dogs to be taken in, several telephone calls per day asking the same question and 110 daily emails in Twilight’s inbox. It’s been pretty much unchanged ever since. There are particular times of the year when the cries for help increase, and certain times of the week, too. When we published the Twilight biography in 2017 we were still averaging ten requests a week to take in a dog. The pleas come by telephone, by email, by Facebook, or occasionally someone turns up at the gates with a dog. Three years later, the problem has not diminished, and is likely exacerbated by the current covid crisis.

Twilight’s latest recruit, the fabulous Fifi, has been saved, almost literally, from the jaws of death. As Leeanne says, “My heart sinks pretty much every time the phone goes now — another pudding request. But when Bergerac SPA call I am really in trouble as I know the most likely outcome if we can’t help.” So, the SPA volunteers were faced with a problem: a seventeen plus year old, female Spaniel cross, handed in as she was no longer wanted. Plagiarizing the words of the Ghostbusters, “Who ya gonna call? Call Twilight!” and so they did, and “Of course” was the reply.

The SPA were superb. Fifi was taken straight to vet, where an échographie confirmed she was sterilized. Measurements were given of her mammary tumour, so we can keep a close eye, and medication for her grim ears. Mike and Leeanne took an airing and met the SPA team halfway. Thanks to Eliane, her friend, and Nathalie and Sue for all getting involved and helping turn this little lady’s life around in just 28 hours!

Meet our new little sweetheart, Fifi. She is a confident little bundle but very needy of human connection, and made her way into mummy’s bed on the first night! Already mixing with her new chums, and talking with the goats and alpacas after a hearty breakfast on her first morning. Two lots of meds for now, but we will see how she settles. You are very welcome little lady. We are delighted you have joined Team Twilight xxx