Remembering Puddings Past: B is for the beautiful Bianca

The love of Twilight knows no borders. Over the years we have welcomed many dogs from Eastern Europe, and the current puddings hailing from these parts include princess Nala, our very own Rock star, dearest Madge, recent recruit Winnie, and outreachers Amber, Mozart and Mya.

Back in summer 2014 the beautiful Bianca was rescued in conjunction with the charity Balkan Underdogs, who had saved her from a wretched life. Bianca was a very special girl, though of course all the puddings are special and this is the story of how she came to Twilight.

Bianca before she was rescued

With the passing of Hope, we hoped we might be able to help Balkan Underdogs once again. Bianca had been due to travel to Twilight awhile, but a combination of ill health for her and a most ‘interesting’ travel package, meant she finally arrived at 1.30 in the morning one day in mid-June 2014. Thanks go to our mighty and intrepid collection team, Deb, Terry and the Colonel.

Bianca set off from Romania. Having crossed the border to Hungary and been poorly, we waited for scant news. Then, some 14 days later she headed off with 20 others in her straw-filled cage to land at Calais looking much better than we had anticipated. Deb was ready with an emergency pack of meds if needed, and even prepared for a Calais vet to ensure her safe travel home. Yet another trip with little sleep, Terry did the chauffering honours and a tired but gentle giant arrived at our front door.

Not too keen on her new ma picking her up from the back of the Twilight mobile, Terry and Leeanne stood like lemons for what seemed ages, wagging treats to entice her! Bless. It might have been the threat of us starting to sing at two in the morning that made her move and she soon settled into Maddie’s washroom for her first night.

Since those first timid steps we didn’t look back. She was quite adorable. Gentle and calm, we adored her. We immediately started treating her eyes and giving her pain killers and anti inflamms, as clearly there was stiffness in her back legs. She improved by the day. Then, it was time for a trip to the vets. Well, if we were to say the vet was floored, it would be an understatement. Poor Bianca came with a cattle tag on her ear, and it was time to have it removed. Henri had never seen such a thing, and was appalled. He had to give her an anaesthetic to remove it as it was so tight! Then she had antibiotics for her eye infection and anti-inflammatories for her arthritic hips.

Bianca after Twilight had worked its magic

Bianca went on to live two happy years at Twilight. She took some time to engage and trust but what a joy of a giant bundle she became. Unfortunately, she had severe arthritis and a fused spine when she arrived, so needed a lot of medicine support whilst here. Since Christmas 2015 she collapsed at least three or four times a day. Getting up herself was 50/50 and toileting a problem, which she found distressing. So, sadly on 9 January 2016 it was time for Bianca to join her friends over the bridge. Bless her. She looked almost relieved as the vet nestled close. She looked up, with loving but tired eyes and went very quickly and peacefully. Bless you Bianca, run free now, and forever feel the love xxxxx