This 13-year-old French Anglo-cross was abandoned in a Paris SPA ten years ago. She was scooped up by a couple who, at 89 and 90, both died within three days of each other over Christmas. Bereft of her ma and pa, the family asked if she might come here.

So, we welcome this lovely long-legged lady. In her first 24 hours, all seems calm and well so far. She clearly has pain and stiffness in her hips and rear legs, so we have started her on pain killers. She is quite at home on the settees, so methinks the Twilight way of life will not be a problem for her.

Sadly, although her family at least thought to find her a loving home for her last few years rather than return her to the refuge, they didn’t offer any support, or even a donation. So, any loving sponsorship would be much appreciated for darling Darla.

Welcome pretty girl, sorry for your sadness xxx