Agneta, Our Agnes. This 50-odd kilos of hairy love is an old girl of ten plus, who was found wandering alone several years ago. Since then she has been in a loving refuge, which has suffered greatly from the floods. Her long journey from Spain took over 48 hours, and the last leg was completed by our Paul, complete with his PPE! All travel costs and expenses were generously covered by her birthday mum, Linda. Thank you xx

After her first night, she ate well and fulfilled her thirst. A little unsure of us all, understandably, but she met us all in turn and slept well. Leeanne says, “I am told she snores, but I didn’t hear her over Mike!” So, very welcome beautiful grandma. We feel her gentle energy already and are sure she is going to become a central heart of pudding land. After only a few days, the difference in her gentle face is evident, she’s smiling. Still shy because everything is so new to her, but enjoying the garden and her new friends.