Happy Twelfth Twilight Anniversary

Celebrating twelve years of Puds on the twelfth of August! The time has flown by since we celebrated the ‘big one,’ our tenth anniversary, complete with live music and a wonderful cake at our open day. This year, life has taken a gentler turn as we take the time to reflect on the past twelve wonderful years. Here’s a few words from Leeanne:

Twelve years! Goodness! Who would ever have known, that 12 years on from our dear Kizzy’s passing, we would be looking back on just under 400 dogs through the doors of our house that we named Twilight, to honour the old and less abled dogs’ (puddings in our case!) last months of life before crossing the rainbow bridge.

Most supporters have read the book (we still have some to sell!) and know the story. But the bottom line, in our hearts, is that no pud should ever have to breath its last alone, unloved, uncared for. It has been the greatest privilege of our lives to share our home with these wise and deep souled beings. We have learnt, and continue to learn so much.

We could not have lasted this long without our growing family of supporters, volunteers, vets, outreach parents and friends. Twilight is the central pivot to our being, despite our own human health issues and challenges. We thank all of you who have joined us on our journey, and all we can do in these uncertain times is hold a paw and pray we can continue for another 12 years.

I think of Queenie, three months it took her to trust and love and join us indoors, having 11 years lived in a refuge before. Mike thinks of old Teddy, his first five years beaten, the next five years in a refuge …. but his last five years …. a loved Twilighter. You will all have your favourite memories. Be they just a few days of love here, or years, the emphasis is the same. Take your time, find your niche, know you are home, feel the love.

Thank you to each and every one of you, however you help or have helped us over the years. We really couldn’t have done it, nor continue to do it, without your help. We feel deeply blessed, and we know that that look in every Twilighters eye thanks you too.

L xxx

Over on our Facebook pages there’s a wonderful video produced by the talented Nick, celebrating the twelve years of Twilight. You can watch it here

If anyone who hasn’t joined in the fundraising ideas recently would like to donate a couple of euros towards the next lot of salmon, ham and tins of soft dogs food (or gash bags and brooms and disinfectant) please could you donate in the usual way by PayPal friends and family to twilightchiens@gmail.com or cheque to usual address … thank you