Good things come in threes

It’s time to welcome so new Puddings to the Twilight pack. We really should be full just now, give Mike time to regroup after our break away, and we know we are committed to further a couple of puds coming in, but, if Twilight can’t raise its game to help a 20 year old, it would be a rum do.

Meet Chipie


First, meet Chipie. This beauceron cross lady looks younger when you first meet her, but then you look closely and your heart melts. She has clearly had many pups in her time, she has some ungainly and hanging warts, her eyes are a mess and how much sight she has we must follow up on. She has a skin condition, so her hair is very thin in most places and her stumpy tailette is wrinkled like an old pigs.

She was anxious and unsure when she first arrived. But already, after a few days of Twilight love she is coming around. Our lovely Paul collected her from the saint at Bergerac SPA who knew her fate if we hadn’t taken her by the end of the week. (For those who don’t know Bergerac SPA still practices euthanasia.) Welcome my old friend, we are going to grow rather close xxx

An SOS from our dear vets


Next we have an SOS from our dear vets in Chalus, not easy to say no to. Sweet little Cali, bereaved of his lifelong companion, the lad had been taken in to our vets to be put to sleep due to the death of his owner. Cali is 11 years old, diabetic and comes with a dodgy eye. He enjoyed his first day and is settling well already. Dear Maylis, our lovely house sitter and pud carer has done a terrific job settling the little man in. First injections can feel a bit tricky, but she has the knack. We are glad we could find Cali a comfy bed xxx

Welcome Ziggy!


Apparently, a Spanish spaniel shitzu cross! Poor old lad of 13 years, had the death of his dad followed by his mum’s admission into a care home. Then, an awful period when things need sorting and he got left in a caravan alone for some time. Bless our dear friend Kate Potter for seeking help for him. But with heart issues, and fur and skin troubles, he has not been easily homed. He has had two wonderful god mums taking care of his costs, and a vet on the ball too. So, very welcome Ziggy, you are already showing us your fabulous character. And thank you Kate and team for looking out for the little lad.

If you can help with sponsorship or a donation of any amount for any of our three newbies, please contact us, or check our Facebook page.