End of year review 2017

I am not a great statistics girlie, but I think there are times when they sum it all up! And this is one such time, an end of year, a celebration of life, and a look ahead at those with whom we are privileged to share our lives.

Remembering our puddings who passed over the bridge this year …

Puddings who were rehomed or are part of our current outreach programme … Mia, Melodie, Norman, Sam, Bella, Scooby, Vanae, Bobby, Memere, Ted, Vicky, Leah, Mozart, Domingo.

And who is with us here at home, as we start the new Twilight year …
Aimee … tripod and will be 8 this year
Caesar … our sensitive lad, will be 9 this year
Bear … our baby Bear!
Vanille … 16, incontinent, and a snug bug!
Taffy … the Dr. Both rear legs now struggling, unbelievably 9 this year
Dennis … all but blind, 15 this year and his own man x
Teddy … dear Teddy, his fifth year, as he is 15 … his nerves are steadier!
Booboo … 13, gorgeous and doing well
Jacob … where did those 8 years go little man
Peypere … 16 and slowing down, but what a love
Gladys … 15 and never more beautiful
Humphrey … our 13 year old demanding little blind bundle of love
Alice … 14 and our national treasure
Dobbie … our nappied love bug, just 2 and bit
Molly … feeling her age, 13 now
Brigand … our biggest blind hunk, 12 years old
Nala … our paraplegic, can’t believe you are going to be 5 princess.
Luna … settling and a beauty, 13 years old
Ben … our stroke superstar, are you really going to be 16 x
Uta … 15, and taking her time, but settling well
Vera … dear Vera, doubled incontinence now … but a sweet love
Braille … born with no eyes, will be 1 half way through the year x
Beagley … brain tumour but well and happy for now, 13
Gabana … so pretty, yet so likely her brain is affected … but working on it! 13.
Lulu … our little pretend rabbit, so special, will be 15
Alby … anything between 13 and 200, love him x
Charleston … a grim cancer we shall keep at bay for as long as poss, 15.
Arthur … our 12 year old mix, but we love him!

You have helped make this happen. Yes you. Mike and I might live here at Twilight home, but whether you are a volunteer – in so many ways, a supporter with funds or goodies, a moral supporter of caring words, a professional who gives us discounts, a fellow rescue colleague, mighty fundraiser alone or in a team, or the very person who hugs us at just the right moment, 2017 has seen 70 Puds lives touched. Thank you … so very very much.
Leeanne and Michael xxxx