Remembering Hollie, Twilight’s first disabled dog

Hollie arrived at Twilight on 2 February 2013. A stray in Bulgaria, she had been run over and left for dead at the side of the road. When she was rescued by the UK charity Twitchy Noses she had two broken hips and spinal damage. Initially, Hollie was known as Topka, and she was fostered in the UK but this sadly did not work out and she faced an uncertain future, until Twitchy Noses discovered Twilight.

As Twilight’s first disabled dog, Hollie received a great deal of attention, and she developed a very special bond with Leeanne. She had a set of wheels, a trolley, which she used to fly around the garden, playing with the other dogs, but she really preferred her own method of travel – kangarooing. Using her two strong front legs to pull herself forward, Hollie could propel herself around the floor and outside in the garden at quite remarkable speed.

Hollie was only with Twilight for a little over a year, but in that time she made a profound impression, not just on Leeanne and Mike, but on anyone that met her. She had her own Facebook page and was the favourite dog of Twilight’s own human angel, Maddie. Although the years have passed, and many more dogs have entered and left the doors of Twilight, Hollie still holds a special place in Leeanne’s heart. You can read Leeanne’s moving epitaph to Hollie written in March 2014, on the rainbow bridge pages.

Hollie inspired Twilight to take on many more ‘handicapable’ dogs, including current pack members Nala, Rock, Dobbie, Braille and Bob. In fact, that original Facebook page is still active, and is now raising awareness and funds for Nala and Rock’s future treatment.