Opal arrived in November 2020. Those of you who remember our dear Pearl, will know that daddy lost his heart to that precious Lemon setter and now we have Opal who has fallen into our lives and already taken our hearts. There we were, waiting for our appointment time for our new Carte de Séjours. A bit of a historic moment really, given all the Brexit malarkey. So we were of fine mood, and optimism for the future was in the air. The text arrived: Lemon setter in Poitiers SPA, 11 ish, grim mammary tumours. Oh says ma and pa together. Then, Mike bless him, didn’t even look up, he just said, when is she coming! So, bless you dear Katarina for drawing her to our attention and making all the arrangements and bringing her to the door, after SPA volunteer Julie had met you half way. Yes, she had been found wandering and had been at the SPA for some time. So, precious girl, with a name taken from your new daddy’s mum’s birth stone, we welcomed you to Twilight.