July – the first Open Day of 2018

Hours of dedication from our family, the volunteers, to get us all spruced and ready for open doors. In our home, 28 old or disabled dogs waiting for those visiting cuddles, with another 16 benefiting from our outreach programme of life long foster.

Sunday was the first of our two annual Open days …. we were ready xxx Well by jove, the hottest weekend of the year, and the local road melting. But so many not to be put off. We offered breakfast, all day snacks, cakes and drinks, and a most yummy lunch. Many came and stayed for all three! as they had travelled so far. Many sat amongst the puds on the grass and on the house floor, soaking up the love and sharing the gift of life. Not only did folks spend on the Tombola, our special birthday T Shirts or goodies, they brought gifts to. SO thoughtful. Bags of disinfectant, with baby wipes, kitchen roll, bin bags, food ….. and a mountain of bedding and some fabulous bric a brac. Twilight Facebook joined in too … you could be part of the day wherever you were xxx.

Twilight might be a mad home for a houseful of needy puddings and two creeky humans, but it is so much more. It is a team of loving and hardworking volunteers that stretch way beyond the faces you might see and supporters equal in French and English followers which is wonderful. We took just over €1,000, the atmosphere was just wonderful and the positive effect of the day immeasurable. Thank you ALL …. so very very much. We are still here because of your help and care. It really is all of you that make the difference.