In remembrance of a wonderful supporter

Twilight is about giving the very best of life to the very end. It is surely the right for us all, with the love of our souls to be fed to our dying day. We are all going to die one day and despite the very nature of it all, yes, it is sad, but is also a life to be celebrated.

One of our caring and loving supporters died a year ago today, 11th April, dear David Milsom. Instead of flowers at his funeral, Joan, his wife, asked for donations to the Hope Association who would then honour his legacy. Joan and David were great Hope supporters, and Mike and I enjoyed wonderful long chats with David at the Hope Booksale weekends. His passing was a great loss, and we give our ongoing heartfelt hugs, and mighty paws of love to Joan.

Hope’s legacy on David’s first anniversary will come to Twilight – David’s favourite old doggies’ home with a most generous remembrance and help to the Puddings of €1000. We thank David and Joan for this. David will be amongst the first to be forever remembered in our special garden, to be revealed in a month or so.

David, may the love and care you shared on this earth be rewarded to you ten-fold as you continue your journey on the other side.

Joan, we hope you will visit us at Twilight soon, and see the difference David’s love has made.

Leeanne xx