A day in the life of Fifi

Do you remember Fifi? She joined the Twilight pudding pack just a few weeks ago from the Bergerac SPA. Well, Fifi settled right into life at Twilight from day one, and pretty soon established her own routine,  quite appropriate for a lady of seventeen years.

Fifi’s day …

7 am Kiss mum with one eye open

7.45 am Call mum to take duvet off her and lift her down. Ablutions in garden, bark at alpacas then wait for breakfast

8.30 Breakfast…. sniff a few bums

8.40 Go to bedroom door and call mum to return her to under-duvet position with dad

10.15 Nurse removes her from cozy posing and Fifi goes under daddy’s bed

Stays snug in bedroom until 3.55pm, when she arrives back with us all, ready for tea!

4.30 pm Ablutions again, checks out goats and sniffs a few more bums. Back to bedroom

6.30 pm Barks from open bedroom door, clearly checking why we haven’t come to bed yet

8pm, last wee break, all on own …

9pm Under duvet with mum or dad!!

Fifi is such a happy little thing, and is loving her life at Twilight. Thank you to all our supporters who make this possible xxx