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Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ... and mum Leeanne and dad Mike!

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Thank you for popping in xx

It’s Twilight’s Special

*Christmas Raffle time *

Quilters from the Lot ….Have once again made Twilight a unique and beautiful quilt
Suze, of suzeturland@gmail.com Recycled Owl Original Artwork
Suzie, of galerie4seasons@gmail.com Beautiful and unique, hand made earings And handmade soap
Jan … beautiful and original painted roof tile (from the Puivert fund raising team)
Em Bryant …  emcleobryant.com  …. Stunning Animal portrait from your own photograph …
Maureen Wright… Gorgeous Giant hand knitted doll … friend of La Charrue
Peter Livesly …. Chez Conkers …. Beautiful handcrafted wooden clock
Many smaller artisan precious goodies, all hand crafted and unique
Ugg Gloves (Ladies), New and boxed … generously donated by Pauline of La Charrue
Raffle Tickets €2 each or 10 tickets for €15
Raffle tickets available from:
The New English Bookshop, With Mark during Opening times, he also has Twilight Calendars
Wendy’s Pantry, With Wendy during Opening times, she also has Twilight Calendars
La Charrue, Anytime during open times from Pauline
La Pouge Winter Craft Fair, 29th Novemeber, ask Doreen on the Twilight stall, who also has Twilight Calendars
Twilight Christmas Fair, La Charrue, 5th December (3pm-8pm)
or direct with Leeanne, leeanneandmike@yahoo.com
The draw is on 20th December, at Twilight.
The prizes will be as drawn according to the list above, and published on our website,Facebook and DVN.
All monies raised from the raffle go towards the costs of keeping the old or disabled dogs of Twilight

Thank you for caring and making a difference
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings
0033 (0)5 53 52 62 37



Great Gift ideas

Twilight treasures for Christmas.

Adjustable wrist band  5 euros + pp

Necklace 5 euros +pp

Dog tag (modelled by Miss Peggy) 4.5 euros + pp

Brooch/Pin 4.5 euros + pp

Or any 5 items for 20 euros +pp

Twilight Calendar 2015  5 euros + pp

postage costs will follow.


This is just one story.....there are so many others..

 A quiet Sunday, perhaps a chance to put up some decs ... we rather like Christmas lights ... and just love being silly. But Basil needs a wash and dear Douglas isn't well, and now Quito is totally blind - it is easy to lose time cuddling and chatting with him.  And then there is the knock at the door ...

Meet 'No Name'.  This beauty was found by a young English chap here on hols, taking a walk off the beaten track ... she was tied to a tree.
She is skeletal, the pics really make her look much better than she is. A chest full of tumours, Dehydrated, full of matts and fleas, and the very worst ... her bum and bits are bleeding, and clearly have been for so long ... her tail is just a solid matt of blood.
I sobbed gently as I washed her and cut the worst off.  She just looked at me, clearly pained with her behind.  I apologised for the coward who had left her. She has no chip, her tattoo illegible ... she is now a Twilighter.  Tomorrow the vet and all a princess, be she of no name, deserves is coming her way.
Lets face it, we are no longer surprised what our fellow humans are capable of, so no need to make comment ... but she does need a name .... any thoughts?


Julie, thank you to you and your amazing team for your on-going support, care and mighty fundraising for animals in need.
The vet monies you have raised this year have helped the Twilighters enormously, and the €100 you brought from your recent fair and book sales, will go a long way to keep old Ralf in comfort in his last days .... thank you xxx

Lovely visit with Anne, Roy and Vivien


La Charrue for a Twilight Christmas x


Remember Jocelyn auctioned a win for hubby to have a surprise Birthday visit to meet the puddings ... and she even made the scrummiest cake too!  Lovely afternoon x



Time to get snug for them old bones!


Three months ago, when Kate Potter asked us to take little Munchkin in .... none of us thought he would live much longer.  14 years old, but depressed and not too strong, hence my calling him Bones ... it really was all he was.  Then a nasty fungal infection as his immune system was so poor.  But the little lad wasn't giving up.  he settled well into Twilight life, lots of Vet support .... and the little man regrouped to a chap with attitude!  We are thrilled that this week he has found his very own family again, and what's more, will spend his next Christmas in Scotland!  Thank you Helen and Angus for taking on this little mite.  We have loved our short time with him, but know you will give him all he needs and more.  Now, rekindled with his original family name 'Reglisse', meaning liquorice, we wish you the happiest life little one.

If it is midnight, and it is Calais .... then the wonderful Terry, Deb and Colonel must be in the Twilight mobile and waiting for a collection of an overseas pudding!

Yes, Sarajevo this time, and thanks to Blind dog rescue uk getting involved with a rather grim situation of 13 dumped dogs. All whom had been very seriously ill treated and bullied ... and finding Feriha amongst them ... only young, but petrified and blind, likely from the bullying.

Asked if we would take the little lady, and covering all costs to get her here ... we can share with you, that not only has this scared stiff little pudding wagged her tail, she has given me a full heartfelt hug today .... made me cry.

I really want to thank the lady who cared for her before she travelled, who cleaned her and cried with her, I can understand you will miss her.  The courier team I understand where kind, but all feared this muzzled lady who wouldn't  move from her cage.  Well done Blind dog rescue UK for taking on her plight.  And a mighty thank you to Terry and Deb, for taking in your stride ... yet another not so simple collection of a pudding we never know very much about - you are both magic.

I hope no one minds.... but Mike and I just can't get our tongues around her name Feriha ... so Farley she has become ... coz her colouring looks like a Farleys rusk and it sort of sounds the same!!!

Precious girl, you are mightily welcome. One eye gone, the other totally blind ... but we shall get you to the vet and see (no pun intended ...) if anything can be done.
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings


Taffy having a make over......

Taffy thanks Auntie Lesley, Auntie Gwendoline and mummy for giving him a bit of a makeover xx


A few of the summer pics



We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.

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Leeannes Dog Blog

December 2014

It is with a very mixed heart I write our report for our Christmas Fair, at the wonderfully supporting La Charrue.
the difficult bit of fundraising for me personally is that it takes me away from the very reason I am doing it ... The old puddings.  Either, at the computer to arrange, or more physically, actually being at the event. This year though, that has eased, thanks to the wonderful Twilight team of dedicated volunteers, who really have become the life blood for the ongoing ability to take in such a high number, and indeed those who run events themselves in aid of the puddings now.
Just a little reminder, that Twilight is our home, all the 30 odd dogs live with us, no kennels or cages here, just all rambling around together ... And yes, peeing and pooing wherever too ... Hence my constant call for your old bedding and disinfectant!
So why am I sounding a bit blue .... Well, old Ralf ... He has been on our list for over 4 months, all caged up in the SPA. We hoped to get him in before the cold ... And we bumped him up the list when he had an op at the SPA, removing a malignant tumour and confirming an aggressive lymphatic cancer. Of course we couldn't leave him to die in that cage alone, so he joined us only 10 days ago.
He hasn't been strong, but when I got home late from the most wonderful La Charrue Christmas Fair, despite the weather ... And so much love from so many ... Ralf just looked up and tried to greet me ... It had clearly been his last full day .... And my heart broke ... I hadn't spent it with him.  I hadn't spent it with him as I had had to be out raising money to keep him, he hadn't spent all his last abandoned 4 months with us, only days ... Because we didn't have room ....
I know we cannot save them all, and I believe we do the best we physically can ... But today I do not feel that is enough ... Today my heart hurts.
Ralf died yesterday afternoon, in his daddies arms, with the help of the vet.  No longer able to walk and with the deepest pain now....thank fully gone.

The Christmas Fair was beautifully prepared, thanks to our hosts at La Charrue, Pauline and Clive and their team Sally and Lesley.  The 18 stall holders looked quite stunning with their wares, and coped with the horrid weather and clearly affected numbers .... But all but one group kept a smile and were so lovely. The stall fees were very generously donated by La Charrue to the Twilight old doggies. As was the beautiful voice of Jeannie, mother Christmas, who sang for us with festive cheer ... Again, despite the cold and wet. Our mulled wine chefs were just delicious, Ann and Martin worked all day and made the yummiest drink for us all to enjoy with our mince pie or cake ( yummily made by Iris x) , and with their constant smile.
The Twilight helpers  team is remarkable, Pam, Jill, Gwendoline, Doreen, Clare, Jacquie, with Kate, Sue and Santa Brian stepping up on the day too.
And then the hardy supporters, friends old and new .... You came, gave bedding, food, disinfect galore ... Enjoyed all the festive treats of Tombola etc and thereby donating to help the old puddings of Twilight. And always, to Annie, our DVN queen, without whom many of us wouldn't know what was going on where. And Linda our Facebook star, and Lynn on the website
You all, yes, all of you make running Twilight possible.  This night you raised €975 which is mightie, and will go a long way to help us through the winter.
Thank you ... Thank you so much .... And thank you especially from Ralf.

*My Christmas wish* ... That you all have peace in your heart and health enough to enjoy life as full as you can. And ... That if you have space by the fire, you consider taking an oldie from the shelter.
Bless you all for caring as you do, for your support and love .... However you help, it really does make the difference.
Bless you all


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    We see so many posts from people who have either lost or found.
    This week we had a very generous visit from Hetty on behalf of the SPA at Perigueux.  We have two dogs from here, and they sent up some food .... Yummy treats for all.  Thank you xd a pet. 

    Did you know, we provide advice about exactly what to do when you are in this situation?

    We have an Advice Centre on our website, at http://www.phoenixasso.com/

    Please help us by directing people to this when they need it. 

    Thank you
    The Phoenix Team





    Yes, Farley is doing wonderfully, and really settling well with the pack.  And what is the very best news ... is that as she is relaxing, so her sight in her one eye is improving by the day ... yes, she can see!
    Once she has settled further, we will have her fully checked over.  We think it may be best that something is done to the damaged eye, as it is showing signs of infection recurring ... and if anything can be done to secure sight on the right eye ... then we will follow this up.  Isn't it amazing.  She has a very gentle temperament to. Love her to bits x. 


    Bye Bye Rex

    Humph ...
    No, fret not ... the big boy hasn't passed over the bridge just yet ... but he has left Twilight.  Our gentle giant, who so quickly became a leader in the pack, head of the football team, and all round cuddle bug ... has gone home to his old ma.  He came here due to domestic circumstances, it could have been a month, or the rest of his days.  It turned out to be a year.  We have had some great times old fella.  You have won the hearts of all who visited. We will all miss you .... but I know we all wish you the happiest end of days, for how ever long that may be.  News of your travels went well and you are settling back to your old life.  Be happy big boy ... you will always have a place in our hearts. Love you big xxx
    Leeanne, Mike & Puddings