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Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ... and mum Leeanne and dad Mike!

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Thank you for popping in xx

 Twilight fund raising CALENDAR for 2014


La Pouge. Brantome. Saturday 29th November.
The Keiskamma Art Project

 Twilight *we will be present...donations,bedding etc very welcome*

 Cancer Support France

 Brantome Police Horses

 Cats protection league Perigueux

 All to be seen at the Winter Wonderland Craft Fair

  Plus our creative in-house artists exhibiting unique hand crafted gifts

From ‘Sausageland’;          Hot dogs & Bacon Rolls
From the warm kitchen; Mulled wine and mince pies

Contact’ ; Jacky Jezewski  La Pouge

 0553 35 39 96; maisonjac@aol.com




Friday 5th :

Christmas spirit full of love and fun
Annual La Charrue Christmas Market
in aid of Twilight old doggies
Friday 5th December
3pm - 8pm
Santa will be with us all afternoon and eve ... with his very own special reindeer!
Live music with festive cheer
Pauline's famous Fish n chips
Twilight mulled wine and mince pies
Artisan stalls galore, great variety for those special presses
Tarot readings
Lucky dips * tombola * raffle ... and much more

Come and join us at anytime for all of the above ...
having fun and making a difference for the old dogs

A couple of stalls space are still available, contact Leeanne if you want to book
La Charrue ... if you haven't been before is
 on the D939 2kms past Vieux Mareuil heading towards Brantome

Don't forget to bring your 'brown stuff' for the collecting jar, your old bedding/towels etc, disinfectant or washing powder!
It really all makes a difference - thank you for caring

Leeanne, Mike & Pudding



Great Gift ideas

Twilight treasures for Christmas.

Adjustable wrist band  5 euros + pp

Necklace 5 euros +pp

Dog tag (modelled by Miss Peggy) 4.5 euros + pp

Brooch/Pin 4.5 euros + pp

Or any 5 items for 20 euros +pp

Twilight Calendar 2015  5 euros + pp

postage costs will follow.


Remember Jocelyn auctioned a win for hubby to have a surprise Birthday visit to meet the puddings ... and she even made the scrummiest cake too!  Lovely afternoon x


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Time to get snug for them old bones!


Three months ago, when Kate Potter asked us to take little Munchkin in .... none of us thought he would live much longer.  14 years old, but depressed and not too strong, hence my calling him Bones ... it really was all he was.  Then a nasty fungal infection as his immune system was so poor.  But the little lad wasn't giving up.  he settled well into Twilight life, lots of Vet support .... and the little man regrouped to a chap with attitude!  We are thrilled that this week he has found his very own family again, and what's more, will spend his next Christmas in Scotland!  Thank you Helen and Angus for taking on this little mite.  We have loved our short time with him, but know you will give him all he needs and more.  Now, rekindled with his original family name 'Reglisse', meaning liquorice, we wish you the happiest life little one.

 You have to laugh really ... peg leg doesn't make poo picking up terribly easy!
My left knee injury all those years ago finished my athletic career ... but this simple yet painful injury to my right isn't going to stop me now! Waiting on MRI and possible op ... all I did was reach up and over a little, and looks like medial ligament and possible cartilage damage ... ho hum.  Worse things happen at sea, and means advantage can be taken of mummy as she is much slower!  Honestly, no sympathy needed, just thought you might like a little peak at Twilight life on crutches xxx

Sweet old Teddy, seen here still sleeping off the anaesthetic after having a small lump removed.  All stitches now out and beautifully healed.

Taffy having a make over......

Taffy thanks Auntie Lesley, Auntie Gwendoline and mummy for giving him a bit of a makeover xx


A few of the summer pics



We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.

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Leeannes Dog Blog


November 2014

A changing season
Life has that way of drifting gently along, and then all change at once.  No different here at Twilight, and it never ceases to amaze me that each time I am taken by surprise.
Health has taken a turn for many of our Puddings.  Dear Robin's passing has been on the cards for a long time love him, but Sally's need to cross the bridge was a little sooner than we had all hoped.  A tummy tumour pressing on her nerves, the pain had arrived, so a big kiss and she is now I pray rested and at peace.  Now we look to Bianka (fused joints), Douglas (fluid on the lung) and Sabre (those GS hips) who have a 7  day package of potions to hopefully help, but it is just a matter of time for all three. Gladys (dehydrated from the months of starving and likely organ failing) and Naomi ( likely tumour in intestine) are also on the watch list, with Nana, Paddy, Gormless and Quito all on new meds. Phew ... me thinks a few last Christmas's ahead ... but we will celebrate in style with warmth and love.
Talking of warmth, half a dozen now in coats already.  It makes me sad, they are here, loved watched and with all they need - and still they shiver.  What must it be like for those in refuges and little to comfort ... Yes, you know what is coming, if you can take an oldie in for the winter ... please do.
Darling Bella, our demodectic ménage girly is doing well.  The vet fears her condition has become so chronic on her feet she may not regain fur in this area ... but we will work hard at it.  My heart breaks for her past, given the vet feels it will have taken 6 months for her to get to this state ... how could anyone have watched and left it ...
Life here has been a little more difficult with my knee all braced up, so we are slower than normal.  Winter visiting is not so easy, so bare with us if you want to come, we need to keep numbers small as it can get a bit too cozy in our little home and this intern is stressful for the puds.
Emie will be having a little op next week to see if she needs major surgery to relieve ear pressure, and brave old Teddy will be having his stitches out from his little lump removal.  A couple of newbies arrive in the next ten days... but not tempting fate to share details, promise to introduce soonest.  I like them to settle sometimes before letting you meet them ... hence the delay in Fonzy ... yes, you are in for a treat!
The other 18 not mentioned are all doing pretty well, and will try and do a recent pic of each for you to see your favourite little bundle x
So, fellow doggie friends, you know this weather change means more cleaning ... so I must away.  Thank you for all your support and care.  Keep warm and treasure your little ones that we are blessed to have as our friends xxx
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings


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    We see so many posts from people who have either lost or found.
    This week we had a very generous visit from Hetty on behalf of the SPA at Perigueux.  We have two dogs from here, and they sent up some food .... Yummy treats for all.  Thank you xd a pet. 

    Did you know, we provide advice about exactly what to do when you are in this situation?

    We have an Advice Centre on our website, at http://www.phoenixasso.com/

    Please help us by directing people to this when they need it. 

    Thank you
    The Phoenix Team