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Leeanne & Michael Whitley
La PeyzieSt Paul La Roche,  24800,  North Dordogne
Tel:  0033 (0)5 53 52 62 37 Mobile: 06 89 25 44 06
Email:  leeanneandmike@yahoo.com 

Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ...

with mum and dad..Leeanne and Mike

Please scroll to the bottom of our home page for a little info

 if it is your first visit.

Thank you for popping in xx


Twilight old doggies home
Dates for your diary
Annual Fun dog show, with stalls, and refreshments
Sunday 28th June
Le Touroulet Camp site, 24800

4pm ~ 9pm 
(Show starting at 6pm)

Fun Dog Show

Exposition Canine"Fun"

Sunday June 28th * Dimanche  Juin 28th

1600 hrs – 2100 hrs

Music * Musique Food * Repas Crafts * Metiers d’art *Tombola

Classes * Les Classes

Waggiest Tail * Chien qui remue sa queue le plus

Best Mixed Breed Dog * Meilleur Chien de race (M/F)

Fancy Dress Dog & handler * Chien + handleur deguises

Best Pedigree Dog * Meilleur chien de race (Male + Female)

Best 6 legs! * Meilleurs 4 pattes + 2 pattes!

Fastest Sausage eater * Plus rapide mangeur de saucisses

Golden Oldie (+8yrs) * Meilleur Veteran (+8ans)

A Le Touroulet Campsite,24800,Chalais

Sur le D98 entre Thiviers et La Coquille

Contact: Doreen, 05 53 60 56 87, lescasaniers@gmail.com


A whole week of silliness…
Barking mad for Twilight week, commencing the 27th July
Join arranged ‘Wet nose walks’ on Tuesday 28th July eve at twilight time (perhaps you want to organise one?)
All week …‘Wet nose wash’ … hehe, details to follow, only for the brave!! We want your photos

Sunday 2nd August. Twilight’s 7th Birthday party, Vaunac, food, silliness, stalls, music and more.
11.00 hrs- 18.00hrs
More details to follow for the above, but if you are interested to join us with a stall,
please contact Doreen 0553605687, lescasaniers@gmail.com
If you would like to share your music for either event, please contact us too, we would love to hear from you x
Can’t wait to see you at either or both of these events
Thank you for caring and making a difference to the oldies lives


And....~Thank You~ to the Builders.

And a mighty thank you to Glen and Peter of North Dordogne Building Services
What a fantastic job you have done, and in just a few weeks.
I wonder if you have a moment, to show your appreciation of their quality of work, and patience with the puddings if you could 'like' their FB page.

Thank you fellas, from Mike and I, the puddings, and the lady of the Chateau who amazingly funded this project of Floras Nook and nanas place.
Merci, and well done.  It is indeed a dream come true x
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings



When you get someone you have never met asking you for a wish list of your needs ( within your living home, not daily food and vets etc) you can't help but wonder if you need pinching.  Or, you have been blessed by an angel..

Well, what do we need, we have love in abundance, puddings to keep us warm and enough of Mikes pension money to keep us fed and with a drop of wine.

 If pushed though, the winters are cold feeding the dogs under the lean too, so maybe fill this area in.

And, a terrace to walk out of the living room, giving us more space for the puddings and allowing those less able to enjoy the sunshine.

 A bit of a dream. But now, over the last two weeks ....it has become a reality.

Yes, a gift from a very incredible person.

The feeling of space is mighty, the puddings are loving it. We are loving it. Spoilt, without doubt, but life changing, for us and the puddings. In honour of someone special, we call the new undercover area, Flora's nook.

And in honour of old Nana, who we had the dream of the terrace for .... We will call this area Nana's place.

You will know that thank you doesn't cover this remarkable gift. But thank you. Thank you to you all for the inspiration and love to continue what we do.



Totally Twilight was the brain child of our wonderful volunteer and friend Doreen, and bless her, she organised it all.
I was gently nudged to talk to our Mairie for our local hall, which they insisted we have for free as it was our first event, so very generous and kind. And it proved perfect. We had the posh bric a brac, books, cards, clothes, jewellery, tea, savouries and cakes, tombola and raffle ... and a few old/disabled Twilighters for cuddles.
What touched me as we all set up on the Saturday, was the keenness and love of all the volunteers who were involved to help. And then as we locked up ready for the hopeful full day ahead the next day, I felt quite overwhelmed that I looked on a hall bursting with colour and goodies - and every single thing had been donated to help for the old dogs.  Really quite astounding. I popped home and encouraged Mike come up and have a peek, as he would be being super daddy at home again for the big day, but wanted him to see it.  We both stood and had a little cry ... it was all for the puddings, amazing.
I got to the hall early Sunday, wanting Chunky and Basil to get a feel for the new environs and have a last minute check.  No idea where the time went. In minutes it seemed all the team arrived, Chief Doreen, Jacquie, Krissy, Fran, Pam, Sylvia, Sue, Clare, Lesley and John, Angela, Ian, Rita and Gwendoline. Verity too looking out for the puddings, bringing Twilighters blind Dex, Alfie and Fonzy along, and Jean and Bill our behind the scenes on dog walks. What a mighty team .... thank you xxx
And then so many of you came, with cakes, with dog food or bedding, with donations ... with your love, care and smiles. You bought and had a hug ... it was just fab.
The atmosphere was just wonderful. French, English, Dutch and German.  Locals and several who had travelled for hours. Old friends and new. It really doesn't get any better.
Raised ... yes, a mighty €1,250. In time for a few big ops and time to tick prepare for all!
Thank you, however you shared in this wonderful event, a heart and deepfelt thank you from us on behalf of the oldies.
It is you that makes Twilight what it is, thank you for caring.
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings


And look what auntie Pat designed for Maddie's Cabin .... so much love, you can feel it xxx  Thank you Pat, it really is the finishing touch to our special Twilight den.  Mike and I have smiled every moment we have looked across at the cabin this week. Bless you x


*Update Corner*

You might recall Emily's sad story, bless her.  Left for dead tied to a tree.  Well, she has come on leaps, gaining weight and settled in as a super pudding. Sadly her body has taken a bit of a battering though and we do have some complications.  She has a tumour growing in her tum that is being monitored for growth, so as not to dive in and operate if possible. But she has also come into season, which is dragging on a bit, not uncommon for the older ladies, usually fibroid or tumour complications ( yes .... Me again upset that she hasn't been sterilised when younger to avoid this unnecessary discomfort). So, we wait for a couple more weeks, and we may have to operate, and hope she is strong enough to pull through, her heart suggests we could be lucky here.
On a smiley note, poor Basil has moved on from his love of Dex .... Now to Emily.  Poor lad, he is quite beside himself and has a small hernia with all his attempted man actions!

Emily is so loving, she send you all gentle licks xxx

Old Peggy Sue..

Three legged Chihuahua, suffered recent embolism, but lives on in her little dominant world.  Now in her 15th year ... she might only be a couple of kilos in weight, but she is a big character.

Disabled Basil

A reminder that this paraplegic is only 5 years old.  He loves life to the full, and has the fastest wheels ever, thanks to us being able to buy supplies in America.  Resting now, but needing socks to avoid deep wounds as he kangaroos around the house!


Well, I have been on a bit of a holiday ... trying out new homes ... but I keep running off .... so I have come home.  I am only 5 ... have three legs, not the best sight, hopeless hearing and I am a hound dog! This is nice ... xx

Gilly Gillou

Well, look at me now!  I have been so poorly with my throat abscess, but the drain is working well and I feel so much more comfortable. Having the anaesthetic I have also had my teethie pegs cleaned, and now the vet says I am so lucky as my gums are so badly suffering from years of gingivitis that I am lucky all my teeth haven't fallen out .... And now I have a posh smile too!
Just wanted to show you my tummy with a happy sleep x


 is 7 this year

Two of the most selfless people I have ever met....Leeanne and Mike the Puddings love you and we love you.....

on behalf of ALL your supporters from across the globe...

Thank you for all that you do...



The BIG vide, in aid of

Twilight old doggies

at La Charrue last Sunday
Was a wonder, thank you all.

Leeanne sadly back in UK sorting her dads effects on his recent passing, it left the big Vide in the hands of the mighty Twilight volunteer team. And by Jove, what a team you all are. Thank you all, you know who you are, and we deeply appreciate all your mighty hard work xxx

And, the weather held together, a bit of magic methinks! I hear tell Pauline and her teams bacon butties remained second to none, and the old doggies are hugely grateful to La Charrues on going support.
 And you, the bargain hunter came
and spent .... Bless you so much.
To those who brought food and bedding, more bric a brac and books ... Or added yummy cakes to the stall.

It is thanks to you all the old doggies can have a life of love, comfort and care in their old age.

I don't know the details of final monies raised, but believe it may well have made around the €1000 mark. I shall be home soon to confirm this and cuddle puddings and top dog Mike!

Thank you everyone involved ... Bless you for caring as you do.



We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.

Members Area

Leeannes Dog Blog

May 2015

The last few months have been a mighty railroad for Twilight as a whole. Emotions of my dads passing, volunteers rallying to the cause and managing events without me present, what a team we have ... and the new terraces being built due to an incredibly kind and generous lady of a Chateau who just wanted to help the comfort for the lives of the old Twilight puddings.
I am going to share the quote of one of our FB supporters, Don Guizzetti. Don wrote this on seeing a photograph of daddy cuddling with Teddy. We agree with him entirely on the spiritual connection and thank him, like so many of you, for your thanks - although none needed, it is truly a privilege.

 "I can't imagine too many places on this side of Eternity where two such different creatures in God's creation intersect and connect on more than simply an emotional level as this. There is a decidedly spiritual connection- one which may belie the Creator's plan for including a point of connection between the heart of a dog and the heart of a human. Thank you for all that you do for them"

Scamp had a stroke since I last wrote, and we really did commune on a loving level to get him through a dark patch - now we have a most treasured relationship. Sweet Boubou and Lucky weren't so strong, and have crossed the rainbow bridge, and methinks we need to brace for a few more puddings to leave us soon.  Sabre is tiring, Gormless too, but they will have all they need for that dignified and pain free end.
Emily is remarkable and a mighty example of what your support can do. You might recall, found all but starved, then once strong enough, needing surgery to rid her of a rotting uterus. This sadly revealed cancer of the intestines .... but she is fighting.  Her tail is wagging, and love is her strength.  Incredible the will of living when you have the right support for your needs. She thanks you, as do we.
Fund raising in many forms has happened, old bedding has arrived, disinfectant too. But a mighty fundraising on FB brought in some amazing new beds, so so comfy Mike and I love them too. La Charrues Vide, Dawns wedding, Debs tea party and so many more not possible to mention, but you are all amazing. We also now have a grand new event tent, with pics to follow when we have worked out how to put it up!! Our energy restored by the vibrant colours and warmth. Twilight heads towards its 7th birthday ... and a silly time we will encourage you all to have.  But for now, take care, cuddle your puddings and each other - and thank you for your continued love and support, as without the extended Twilight family we really couldn't do what we do. Bless you all xxx

Leeanne, Mike & Puddings

Teddy and Daddy



    Todays fundraising event at Puivert went very well, we raised 330 Euros to help the puddings x An ENORMOUS Thank You to everyone who helped in any way at all....setting up stalls, donating items to be sold, serving refreshments and clearing up afterwards...and of course to all those kind and generous people who came along to support us and spend money xx
    Lastly a BIG Thank You to Bryan for all his patience this week...he hasn't been allowed to eat a single cake...but has had to watch as I prepared them all...and there were hardly any left to bring home either!! Love Deb xx

    Newest Members


    We see so many posts from people who have either lost or found.

    Did you know, we provide advice about exactly what to do when you are in this situation?

    We have an Advice Centre on our website, at http:/www.phoenixasso.com

    Please help us by directing people to this when they need it. 

    Thank you
    The Phoenix Team



    Twilight Logo Clothing

    Here is the price list and sizes:
    All clothing comes in sizes -  small/medium/large/xl/xxl/xxxl

    However the clothing does vary, so happy for you to send your chest measurements so I can check more personally.

    Vest, €5, colour Jade,  Sizes fairly standard

    V-neck Tshirt, €7, two colours lilac and jade, sizes come up small but stretchy material

    Polo-shirt, €10, colour pale lilac, sizes come up small

    Gilet, €18, the colour is jade with blue piping and inset. Has chest pocket, full zip front.  Sizes standard

    Hoodie, €20, the colour is a deep blue, sizes are small

    Sweatshirt/fleece, €20, two colours, grey or powder blue, sizes generous, half zip (cuddly and my favourite!)

    I have tried and worn and washed all items ... they do not shrink and wash well.
    Wear your oldies logo with pride!