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Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ... and mum Leeanne and dad Mike!

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 Twilight fund raising CALENDER for 2014


Sun 28th : La Charrue Vide/Boot Sale in aid of Twilight …Bargains and fun all rolled into one … with yummy food too! 9am-4pm (Pitches €7.50)


Sun 16th: Chez onckers Christmas Fair, Puygers, 24630, Jumilhac le Grand 10am~4pm


Friday 5th : Twilight Christmas fair @ the wonderful La Charrue, Vieux Mareuil, 24340. From 5pm, come meet Santa, lights, mulled wine & mince pies, carols, Stalls (Pitches €7.50) and festive fish’n chips … and lots more.


Mike and I are in constant awe and amazement how you all keep coming up with wonderful ideas and energy to help raise funds for the oldies here at Twilight.  It really is a case of every little helps .... and as Deb and Bryan of Puivert have found ....... they keep doing different things with many local friends and the pot mounts up.  This is Debs account of their recent 'home' event - of which we thank them so very very much.  True Twilight friends who have gone that extra mile .... bless you so much xxx
Every year in our village there is a firework display and now the Puivert Fireworks have become a very popular local attraction with people coming from all around to watch.
We are lucky enough to have a great view from our terrace and so each year invite friends to come and join us, have a meal and enjoy watching the fireworks together. Last year we thought it would be a good idea to combine the evening with raising some money for Twilight and so asked all those who came along to give a donation, we were thrilled to raise 110 Euros.
This year we did the same and invited several friends to join us again, there were about 15 of us in total including friends of friends -it was great to meet new people and spread the word about Twilight.
The weather was kind to us and we all enjoyed being outside. I did a buffet and tried to encourage everyone to eat lots -or Bryan and I would have been eating left-overs for a week! Once again I put a box for friends to leave their donations in and when I counted the money I was delighted that everyone had been so generous and given 135 Euros for the puddings.
The fireworks were amazing - they seem to get better each year.
So a HUGE thank you to all our friends who once again have been so kind and generous, and it won't be long before I am inviting you round again!!


Try as I might, there really are never enough words to say 'thank you'.  And here is another very special event.  Mandy and Peter have a superb small holding of rare breeds at Chez Conkers (nr  Jumilhac), together with their amazing workshops .... pottery and wood respectively. If you haven't seen their work ... then making a visit is a must on your 'to do' list.

This year they so very kindly centred their summer fete around children's games ... made from wood ... with all games proceeds going to the oldies here. Musicians came and donated time and beautiful playing too .... they even played Mike and i's tune ... without realising it!
The weather in the morn had been atrocious ... but the gods were with us, and not a drop from start to finish.  It was a super afternoon, wonderful artisans displayed their goodies, displays of wood carving and spinning of Mandy and Peters very own wool, such clever crafters and so modest of their work. And so many folk came ... old and new friends, holiday makers and French SPA volunteers who just wanted to say hello. Thrilled to see old Sammy and The Colonel, both former Twilighters, although darling old Sammy is not so well just now.
Mandy did some yummy food, and folks bought cake too.  Elaine managed the games superbly .... and Teresa ... that full on wet sponge in the stocks was a real moment of the day .... well done you!
It was one of those real family feel good days ...thank you Mandy and Peter for being such wonderful hosts ... with €67 made on games it was a brill day all round, with lots of bedding and towels, books and bric a brac donated too x.


When our wonderful Linda G put out about pledges ... Mike and I felt almost embarrassed.  But, you guys are all so amazing, and the pledges for help and pennies came in.  Now those pledges are starting to unfold in energy ... and it is amazing.
Stella and Vicky came in with a purpose.  We rediscovered walls, grass area and a new found doggie tree den!  Girls, you were just fab.  Thank you ........ thank you.  Stella, you are a demon girlie on that strimmer. Bless you both so much.


Super Doreen set to with the scissors ... the shears we had bought were useless ... so it was nibble fingers to the rescue.  Twilight supporter and follower Kim was holidaying locally so joined us on our wash and brush up day .... and look who was first! Yes, Mozart.
All that fur .... we were not sure we might not find a nest or two of almost anything in there, but nothing, and he loved it. Trimmed and then I washed and lathered him several times over, as the wonderful Linda of Cozy Cats and Dogs had taught me.
Smelling fresh, looking great and nails trimmed ... how old is he meant to be!?  Loving life and doing so well.

 We are very blessed in our commune to know some very special people.  Ros and Mandy are two, and we are thrilled that they were able to tie the knot his week ... and share their love openly and with the commitment of marriage.
It was likely the hottest day of the year, so thankfully they chose the evening.  Photos are filling many social media pages ... but I know that only I have the one of all the bottoms on the balcony!!
Thank you both for inviting Mike and I, and for offering a collection box for the Twilight dogs instead of gifts for yourselves ... a selfless act, just like so much you do.  Your pot raised a wonderful €121.50 ........... woof and licks of thanks from us all.
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings

Thank you Stephanie for treating us Twilighters to a doggie pool!  Great fun, Athys was first in, Poppie, Lucy and Peggy have all had a try ... and the others are giving it a cautious eye ... but if mum goes in - they all follow!
Thank you with loads of paw splashes!
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings

We have changed our dog food, this was our van having collected 56 sacks of 18 kilo bags that came from the wholesaler in blighty via La Maison Shopping.
We buy this as our base line food for 3/4 months ...


Cuddles and Bric a Brac
 Bless the girls.  They were only here last week trimming the dogs with me ... now back again to help me clear Mike's now infamous garage and all the bric a brac you collect for us for our much needed fundraising.
Briliant day.  Blessed with no rain, and we found the back of the garage ... and all needed a jolly good deep bath to clean up later! Even filled the van and made a tip run. Coo.
Some super 'posh' junk for the next vides.  Thank you to all contributors ... and please keep it coming!
great day and some silly giggles too - thank you ladies x What a Twilight team.


We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.

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Leeannes dog blog
I am sure the vet groans when he sees the Twilight mobile roll up ... never just one old pudding to see, and somehow always complicated issues.
Today was no exception.  I could have taken 12, poor Paddy will need more treatment for his ear, Rocky had a second epileptic fit, Naomi has taken to that oldie vacant stare, Quito's eye will need soon to be removed, poor Peggy has a nasty cut from a bird in the garden, Robin and Batman have started the oldies unnecessary bark of senility and Tara's ears will need to be drained soon(best not go on) ..... and best I only take 4!

So I took little Munchkin, fondly know as bones.  He has been losing his hair over the last few days, in a specific area of his back, and with no itching at all.  Not great news, looks likely to be fungal ... and contagious for those with poor immune systems, and us humans too.  Hmmm, can't wait for dear Maddie's cabin to be finished, another example why we need isolation sometimes.  Too late in this instance ... so special meds, and fingers crossed, at least he doesn't seem troubled by it all.  Next.  Sweet Emie, our younger three legged hound hates going anywhere other than home.  Vet Henri adores her, and for a moment I felt like a gooseberry on a threesome date!  She has a squidgy ear ... and all treatments have failed.  This means that unless a specific and strong antibiotic can help, she may need the dreaded big ear op to drain internal fluid. So swobs for the lab, and hopes this might take us to an improvement. She has the added complication that she has become peepee incontinent.  Possibly a result of her leg amputation and sterilization at the same time.  For now, double checking that not an internal infection - back next week to see the way forward.
She delighted to be back in the car, should I take Poppy next or Bianka.  The vets are tired, August is busy and they struggle to fit their 35 hour day into 24.  They are kind and caring to the extreme ... but surgery hours are over .... that Twilight lot are over time again.
Poppy is the baby who came with Naomi, you might recall they were inseparable.  Now, as Naomi and Poppy have grown more confident, time to chip and vaccinate Poppy and let her go to her new foster home with the wonderful Phoenix and look to rehome her.  But what an irony ... she has a heart problem and other complications too.  Bless her, so not well enough to move on just yet, a course of antibiotics and then some heart pills (as I secretly adore her, this is no hardship!).
And then darling Bianka.  Well, if I were to say the vet was floored, it would be an understatement.  I mentioned she came with a cattle tag on, and today was time to have it removed.  Henri had never seen such a thing, and was appalled.  He had to give her an anaesthetic to remove it (as so tight), and my thinking I might joke we give her a gold dangly earing was clearly not the time!  Whilst sedated he cut her tag free, then looked at that nasty chronic eye infection she arrived with.  I am not squeamish ... but he took a special pair of scissor looking tools and pulled her skin away and went hunting for a foreign body, oooah, yuk!  nothing found, she will have antibiotic drops and a review next week.  Then to her stiff rear legs ... and it would seem on manipulation that her hips are fusing.  So hefty pain killers and anti-inflames, and again, a review next week.
Painkillers (another box of 100, my they go so quick here), antibiotics, fungal tabs, de-flea and worming treatment for the 33, top up of epileptic pills and renal treatment.  Can't quite carry it all with dozy Bianka in toe, so Henri takes her while I bring the car over and we lift her in and smile as the others have all nodded off.
A great vet visit.  I took 4, I came home with 4. Which 4 tomorrow, did I mention Sally has started uncontrollably leg shakes ... but that is tomorrow x


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    Maddies Cabin

     To dream a dream

    We have, over our 6 years, had times when we needed to keep an oldie separate, maybe through contagion, illness or 'issues'. Our little house has always managed, but we have had a few close calls.  When dear little Maddie passed much too soon, your generosity towards her 'bed' fund for the oldies was incredibly generous.  From this money the idea was born to have Maddies own cabin to help us in difficult times.  You added further to the necessary base costs ... and Mike and I were all set to build the cabin.

    But then along came that phone call that you have to pinch yourself over. Sarah Berry, her husband Gills, Ian her father, and Linda Renton our mutual friend ... would like to come and build it for us! Yes, read that sentence again ... not really doggie folk, but Sarah touched by Verity's loss with dear Maddie wanted to do something practical to offer her support.

    Mighty.  They came on Monday .... and left at tea time, finished!  Amazing.  Thank you seems trite at such times ... but thank you all so very very much.  For what you have done to help us Twilighters along, but more for what you have done to show your support to Verity in the saddest of times. Bless you all xxx



    A pledge of labour and POO
     More workers pledges ....
    Thank you to Linda & Dean Renton, Tracy Parish and Linda's mum, Maggie ... what a wonderful afternoon.
    And thank you Margaret M for the £100 pledge for the poo pick, Tracey did your offer proud, it would be fair to say her bucket over floweth!
    The afternoon didn't go without it's hiccups.  Linda chopped down one of the trees she was supposed to be clearing (hehe), and poor Dean became our mechanic as the strimmer and sit on mower chose to have problems.
    But cake and wine solve all such woes ... we can now see the bottom hedge line again, thank you team ... the mower awaits a hospital visit and, we hope Maggie, you have had a less energetic rest of your hols!
    less you all so so much, a wonderful offer of energy and care xxxxxx

    When a reporter comes to visit

    Poor Arnaud, his trousers were a lovely clean beige when he arrived!  Mozart left his lasting loving dribble mid way through the interview ... and it was time to give up on going to his next job clean!
    Reporter, Arnaud Salvat, for the publication sudquest, came to give us an interview for a hopeful article in next weeks paper, helping to promote the summer fete and plight of old doggies.
    It will be interesting to read how he found our mad little home, but he did ask me for an interesting statistic I hadn't checked before ..."how many dogs have come through Twilight since we started?"
    Well, I have had a peak in my register and in 5 and a half year its over 250 Gosh, hadn't really realised.  Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on myself for not remembering all the names through the time.
    Let's see what the paper brings ... be lovely to have a 'throbbing' fete of fun and silliness!